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Troy Johnson II - Sales Associate

Troy Johnson II

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Phone: 242.396.0043
Mobile: 242.557.8223
Fax: 242.396.0010

Troy was born and grew up on the island of New Providence. After graduating from C. W. Saunders Baptist High School, he started in the hospitality field. In 2011 he joined The Atlantis team at Dolphin Cay where his first year and a half he worked with some of the most intelligent animals on the planet, the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin. On a daily basis he would partake in relationship building sessions with the dolphins and also interactions with guests of the resort and cruise ship passengers that were docked for the day. From this experience he discovered that creating memories and making that special connection with each person he met was something he wanted to do and it pushed him in the direction of becoming a real estate agent.

Troy joined the VIP team of The Atlantis Cove and The Reef in June 2013 for a bit more exposure working one on one with people. He catered to celebrities, high-end casino players, and CEO'S. Troy wanted to ensure that every individual he came in contact with felt and knew that they were special.

In January 2015, after successfully passing his real estate entry license exam, he joined the team at Bahamas Realty.

After receiving his real estate license in April 2015, Troy set about combining all that his resume entailed: creating that memory-making experience with all past, present and future clients. He wants to ensure that the best interests of his clients come first and that he becomes someone they can turn to for advice even if not real estate related.

When Troy’s not working he loves to travel, fish, swim, sometimes with the dolphins he trained, dining and watch collecting.

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