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The Bahamas is a safe well regarded portal for global investment, particularly into the Americas. It is also a favorable location for corporate offices, ownership of intangible assets, the establishment of finance related business and light industrial activity.

Progressive Regulatory Framework

The Bahamas has a longstanding commitment to be a responsible member of the international community. The commitment extends to having a responsible financial services centre and complying with international standards for the conduct of business that are applicable to all financial centres.

A Leader in Wealth Management

The Bahamas’ excellent track record for meeting the needs of wealthy families over the past 80 years is well established. Serving wealthy individuals and families in every aspect of asset management and protection and succession planning, The Bahamas is one of the world’s foremost wealth management centres.

The Better Choice for Business and Living

The Bahamas’ location and natural resources provide an ideal setting for corporate and individual residency in an environment well suited to international business and a paradise for everyday living.

Tax Policy

The country remains committed to a tax neutral platform in which there are no income, capital gains and inheritance taxes. This attractive fiscal policy is available to all who conduct business or reside in The Bahamas.

Investment Incentives

Investment incentives under a number of Acts include exemption from the payment of customs duties on building materials, equipment and approved raw materials and real property taxes for periods of up to twenty years. Investors may acquire publicly owned lands for approved developments on concessionary terms and acquire low cost space for lease for industrial enterprises. Government will provide special training and retaining for Bahamian workers to ensure the availability of a highly skilled labour force.

Information courtesy of The Bahamas Financial Services Board

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