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Investment Environment

To undergird the National Bahamas Investment Authority (BIA), the Government will provide:

  • A politically stable environment conducive to private investment;
  • An atmosphere where investments are safe and the expropriation of investment capital is not a considered option;
  • A legal environment based on a long tradition of parliamentary democracy, the rule of constitutional and statute laws and where security of life and personal property is guaranteed;
  • A stable macroeconomic environment bolstered by a prudent fiscal policy, a stable exchange rate, flexible exchange control rules and free trade;
  • An environment in which freedom from Capital Gains, Inheritance, Withholding, Profit Remittance, Corporate, Royalties, Sales, Personal Income, Dividends, Payroll and Interest Taxes is ensured;
  • Essential public services, an adequately equipped police constabulary, modern health and education facilities and other social services;
  • Dependable public utilities and essential public infrastructure such as roads, ports and airports.

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